My life reads a little like the start of a joke: what do you get when you cross an engineer with an artist? You get ME! When I’m not photographing a wedding, I work as a project engineer in the medical industry. Eating healthy and exercising are totally my jam, but I will almost always swap a salad for some fries and a green smoothie for donuts. My favorite movies are either romantic comedies or horror flicks. Your first impression of me might be that I’m an introvert, but get me talking and the extrovert comes out! I love the finer things in life, but only when I can find them on sale! As you can see, my life is a study in contrasts!




in presence over presents

I believe...

in eating dessert before dinner

in modesty and intelligence.

that there is more to life than lemonade

in laughter that wrinkles the nose and causes tears of joy.

My Why

My mission is to bring the luxury of high quality wedding photography to a more affordable price. To serve my couples completely to ensure that they have a stress free and fun wedding day.
I remember wedding planning so vividly. Scrolling through images and websites and having a hundred tabs open trying to find a photographer who was within our budget while also having the style I always dreamt of... And guess what? I DON'T LOVE my wedding gallery. I sacrificed quality for quantity. It took me being a bride to understand what was missing: An affordable photographer whose price doesn't increase as the knowledge of the industry and expertise of the craft grows. This is exactly what I do. I fill the void of what is missing in the industry. I give others what I could not give myself. A high quality experience, matched with stunning images, at an affordable price. 
Because here's the thing... when you hire a photographer, you are hiring an intern wedding planner to give you the basics of the wedding industry. You are hiring a best friend who is making sure that you are having fun and drinking champagne. You are hiring a cousin to make sure you get photos with everyone in the family. You are hiring a confidant when you need to vent. You are hiring a bridesmaid reminding you that the little stuff doesn't matter. You are hiring someone who will literally give you the sweater off their back and the shoes on their feet to make sure you are comfortable. And yes, most importantly, you are hiring someone who will capture both expected and candid images that stand the test of time for generations to come.
Everyone should receive the images that they dreamt of on their wedding day, and I believe that when your wedding starts off on the right foot, so does your marriage. And that? That should be a luxury that is available to everyone.



Fresh Blooms


The beach is my happy place. The crashing waves, warm sun, and smell of salt air always soothe me.

I value adventure and I'm probably planning my next vacation while unpacking. Will travel for weddings!

Each heirloom has their own unique story and I love hearing the history they share. 

Fresh flowers fill any room with warmth and can brighten any day, no need for a special occasion.

My favorite Things

fun Facts

CITY: New Orleans

FOOD: Sushi

HOLIDAY: Fourth of July

FLOWER: Peonies

TV SHOW: Parks and Rec.


Otters are my Favorite Animals. 

phone calls















1. I have gone skydiving.

2. I have skied and snowboarded. 

3. I have swam with sharks. 


Feel free to write your guess when you inquire.




Kind Words

I would get married a second time just to have Regina capture our wedding again. I was very particular about my wedding photographer, and when I saw Regina’s portfolio and talked to her, I knew that she was perfect for us. She talked us through timelines, wedding day flow, and the small details, making sure that we had all the information possible. Regina is super personable and professional. Both my husband and I are a little camera shy, and she got us to open up, be ourselves, and had us laughing the whole time during our engagement session. All the chaos during our wedding day couldn’t phase Regina. She made everything and everyone come together. Even the groomsmen were raving about how cool she was. When we got our wedding pictures back, it was everything we wanted and more. We have both posed portraits and candids and before you could even say “can you get a picture of _____?”, either Regina or her assistant were there. She was able to predict the next step, and make everything run smoothly. Regina is the ONLY photographer you need to consider for your wedding. I recommend her to all my friends and family. She is not only my lifelong photographer, but through the whole process, we became really good friends. Regina is the person you want by your side on your wedding day.

Regina is the ONLY photographer you need to consider for your wedding

Christy and Michael

Wedding Details

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